The virtual choir is a global phenomenon that combines the recordings of individual singers into one online choir.  Immanuel alumni and others are invited to join Immanuel Alumni Virtual Choir to sing “Dust and Ashes,” a Jubilate Choir favorite for Ash Wednesday. We hope to get 75 singers to come together and sing as one virtual choir.

 Not Convinced virtual choirs area a good idea?  If the videos of cities in lockdown coming together to sing on their balconies left you with a lump in your throat, here’s your chance to add your vocal cords to the orchestra of voices.

Think back to your days at Immanuel.  Most alumni can sing “Dust and Ashes” by heart.  Even if you aren’t a former Jubilate Choir member, you may remember the song, and you too are invited to participate.

Below is all you need to learn “Dust and Ashes” and join Immanuel’s Alumni Virtual Choir: sheet music, guide tracks, and tools to help you learn, practice, record your video and upload your submission. 

Let’s do this!


Hey gang,

Before we begin, know that when you send us your “Dust and Ashes” submission, your voice and video will join others in the Virtual Choir film. Everyone can submit one video.  Sing the top part.

You can hear the audio guide track and see the lyrics. We recorded Micky Schroer playing the piano part!

Be sure to use the audio guide track for your recording so that you stay in time with the other performers.


  1. If possible, please record your video in front of a plain wall or another plain background.
  2. If you can, record in a quiet room with the door closed to reduce unnecessary noise. Turn off fans, heaters, or anything that hums or is noisy.
  3. If you have a tripod mount for your phone/camera please use it or secure your camera in some other way to minimize movement.
  4. If you are using a smartphone, turn it to silent so your recording isn’t interrupted by a message or call.
  5. Please record your video vertically (up and down)

If you have encountered any challenges, have any questions, or want to share ideas, please email Matthew at

  • Congratulations on recording your video for Virtual Choir! 
  • Once you’re ready, head to the Upload Page to submit your video.
  • Upload the file to your computer and place it in the dropbox link below.
  • Congratulate yourself on learning and submitting your recording!
  • Look out for the premiere date when Immanuel Alumni Virtual Choir will go live. We will send you an email to confirm the date and time as soon as we can.