1993 Immanuel graduate Andy Strietelmeier made his passion for music his career. After spending his Christmases singing with the choirs, he continues to aide in the Christmas Eve worship when he is in town by playing in the orchestra. As a professional musician, Andy recognizes the immense help educator Mr. Ickstadt provided with his encouragement as well as guidance. Andy explained, “They made opportunities for me, and for my friends, to play our solos from band or private lessons in chapel. Many of the teachers kept checking in with me, talking to me after I’d played in church on Sunday and coming to my performances long after I’d graduated and gone to VHS, Valparaiso University, or came back to visit. It’s a lifelong community.”

Andy plays quite a few instruments. His main instrument is the violin. Thus, Andy can play all of the other string instruments due to the fact that he is a music teacher. Along with the violin, viola, cello, and bass, Andy played the French horn throughout middle school all the way to college and can play a bit of all of the other instruments in band.

While it took Andy a bit longer to decide to pursue music as his career path, his refusal to give up music led him to where he is today. Andy discovered after his first year of college at Valparaiso University that he wanted to divert courses from studying engineering to focusing on music. He recalled, “After trying to rearrange my schedule to try and fit all my classes for a music and engineering double major a little voice in my head said, ‘Why?’. So again, it seemed like a choice between music and engineering was popping up, and I already knew I was going to stick with music”. Andy ended up choosing music education as his major because he wanted to have a visible job path. He earned a Masters Degree in Violin Performance from the University of Texas at Austin. He also holds a Ph.D. in Music and Human Learning from UT. Andrew is the Assistant Professor of Music Education (Strings) at University of Oregon. As a performer, he has appeared in recitals, festivals, concerts, and master classes in North and South America as well as Europe.
Prior to coming to the University of Oregon, Strietelmeier conducted the orchestra and taught applied violin lessons at Denison University in Ohio, where he also directed the Suzuki Music Center of Central Ohio. Earlier, he taught strings at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Austin, Texas, and all levels of orchestra and string ensembles with the University of Texas String Project. He has served as a coach with the renowned Chamber Music Connection program in Columbus Ohio, and as a teaching fellow at Stamford International Music Festival.

We are blessed to have you serenade us every Christmas Eve at the 10 pm service.