“I recall my earliest advice from Miss Miller in the 4th grade was to never stop asking questions. And I never have. Questions lead to stories, and stories are what have interested me for over 21 years as a journalist at ABC News and CNN” said Ariane de Vogue, CNN Supreme Court Correspondent and Alumna of Immanuel Lutheran School. 

Ariana spoke about her Immanuel Family, “I do recall a close-knit community and the feeling that if I tried something and failed there would be someone to catch me. I remember square dancing at Lutherhaven, cheerleading for the valiants, and –perhaps most vividly –playing on the basketball team. I wasn’t a Lutheran, but I was always included in all of the church activities.  I sang (off key) for the choir, loved the school rummage sale and participated in the 8th grade play.”  

“Although my dream was to play Emily in “Our Town” Mr. Boetel cast me as the town gossip. Even then, I loved stories, and he must have known. I remember an emphasis on reading and the big library at the end of the long hallway” de Vogue recalled of her Immanuel days.   

What she remembers most vividly is travelling by train the summer after 8th grade with the youth group to visit Washington DC. Ariane de Vogue said, “we stayed up most the night in the train and arrived early in the morning and Mr. Chris Prahlow showed us the White House and the Capitol and other sites. I loved every moment and I vowed to return. I’ve now lived here on and off for my entire adult life and covered all the branches of government in some capacity. For the last several years I’ve devoted most of my work to the Supreme Court. It’s a branch of government that fascinates me more each year. Every case brings its own story.”  

We are very proud of your investigative reporting and producing.  God’s Blessings as you continue your path in life.