Ben Hiscox is an ’86 graduate of Immanuel Lutheran School and one of the engineers that developed the first aluminum framed Corvette C7 for GM. After graduation he attended Purdue University and received a degree in Engineering. Shortly after graduation he began working for General Motors in Detroit, Michigan.
Several years ago, he was asked to assist the General Motors Engineering team in Bowling Green, Kentucky on a new Corvette. “To be involved in the Corvette design, when previously the car only existed in virtual computer models and clay, was very exciting for me. At the very beginning I knew that this car was not going to be like any other car, and not at all what GM had ever done before. I am extremely proud of our efforts on the C7” said Ben.

“Immanuel gave me a strong foundation for life. Attending Immanuel, along with having supportive parents and an active church life, molded me into the adult I am today. An Immanuel education set me up for success as I went into high school and beyond,” added Ben.

Ben tells students interested in engineering to get involved in the school robotics program. Robotics teaches you that failure is an opportunity for success. Robotics pushes kids to look objectively at their failures, to examine them, to throw out what didn’t work, to modify what needs it, and to revise their thinking, and even to implement an idea that they had previously thrown out.

Thanks Ben for making exhilarating cars for all of us to enjoy. Your dedication to STEM and engineering is motivating for all of our students. But don’t forget, if you need anyone to test drive the newest Corvette we have a long line of volunteers at Immanuel.#PreparingStudentsForSuccess