Brenda Magnetti class of ’79
Recently we spoke with Brenda about her experiences at Immanuel, “Looking back, Immanuel did a fantastic job of preparing me for my future. Not only did they prepare me academically for my career, but spiritually and emotionally as a human. Exploring the arts under the guidance of some wonderful mentors such as Mr. Robert Boetel, Mrs. Connie Felten, and Mr. August Prahlow, gave me problem-solving skills as well as an awareness to the current events both in my community and the world,” she acknowledged. As an entrepreneur who operates a consulting firm, Brenda utilizes these traits in her field every day. “My firm, rTrail LLC, creates business plans for small or medium-sized businesses to allow these businesses to prosper. I choose my clients based on their potential for positive and economic and emotional impact on their communities. In order to allow these businesses to reach their full potential, sales strategies, marketing strategies, as well as training or mentorship are often implemented in our business plans,” she explained.
Brenda fondly remembers the youth group trip to Washington DC. She recalls it was a very impactful moment as far as understanding equality and how everyone deserves representation. That idea has had a legacy for her, in both her personal and professional life. “Since I work with people of all gender, race, faith, and creed for my career as a Marketing executive, I utilize these ideas to ensure that anyone’s voice can be heard.”
“Immanuel has also taught me the importance of empathy in actions. One concept that continuously fuels my actions is Agape; this is the highest level of love known to humanity. Someone who has this kind of love is selfless and passionately committed to the well-being of others. Immanuel remains the living incubator of Agape for me as well as many of my classmates from the years I attended Immanuel. This empathy and love fuels my passion to help others succeed and have their voices heard,” Brenda stated.
Thank you for making a wonderful impact on Valparaiso and beyond. We are very proud of you!