Katherine (Williams) Dean is an ’88 alumnus of Immanuel. As the daughter of Pastor Emeritus Don Williams, Katherine fondly remembers “getting to see my Dad regularly around the hallways – I called him Pastor Dad.” After graduation from Valparaiso University with a degree in Finance, Katherine headed out to California to work for Wells Fargo.

“I am the Head of Family Dynamics for Wells Fargo. My team is responsible for the strategic development, tactical integration and ongoing evolution of the Family Dynamics program. The Family Dynamics team assists families in becoming more intentional by addressing the intellectual, social, interpersonal and emotional aspects of wealth and how to steward it across generations. Our team of consultants aids in building family cohesion by focusing on the areas of shared purpose, communication and trust, heir preparation and governance design.” Before becoming the Head of Family Dynamics at Wells Fargo Katherine worked at two family offices, a major CPA firm in the Silicon Valley and was the prior head of Wealth Planning for Wells Fargo.

Katherine Dean wants Immanuel students to, “Dream big. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Also – be curious! If you have a curious mind, you will be constantly in learning mode and will be able to connect with others more easily.”