Graduating from Harvard University with a degree in government, volunteering with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata, India, receiving a Law Degree from Yale and serving in a clerkship with U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas: Marah Stith McLeod, Notre Dame Law School Associate Professor, has a resume that is inspiring and full of achievements.
Marah, a graduate of ILS, attributes much of her success to her parents’ decision to send her to Immanuel for Kindergarten – 8th grade. “My parents chose Immanuel for its excellent teaching and the clear moral compass it inspires in its students,” said Marah.
While at Immanuel, Marah loved singing in the school choirs with Mr. Ickstadt at the helm. She still catches herself singing songs from Thursday morning chapel. Her favorite subject was English with Mr. Boetel, now retired. “Mr. Boetel’s lessons built for me a foundation of skill and understanding of the English language that even my peers in college who went to elite prep schools for high school lacked,” said Marah. “One of my favorite memories of Immanuel is going to youth group [with Chris Prahlow], where my classmates and I learned about
how grateful I am for them!”
God’s love and practiced trust and openness with one another. I made lifelong friends there,” commented Marah. “These and so many other aspects of Immanuel have become treasured pieces of my life. It is hard to describe fully how grateful I am for them!”